to the UnControlledpen.com universe where creation is created. We shall bring forth each vision given unto us whether small or large and render it into the world. 

So, what is UnControlled Pen? 
In short, we are free thinkers, therefore we create freely. Sometimes we make our own rules; Afterall, isn’t that how rules are made. Sometime our creativity takes us down a path not yet explored, because the path is that creator’s path alone. Academy writing and creations are great and has its place; however, for me, it can also bring forth a monolith of creators. calm down, (I still enjoy their work)

We're not supposed to be a monolith, but individual creators coming together to create a magnificent future in the present that shall come to fruition in our past. 

Not everyone will understand, be inspired by, or except the UnControlled Pen creations, and that’s okay. “For in the many years they have given their all, inspiring but one, and indeed their work was done”. For that one flicker burned into a beautiful uncontrolled flame - UnControlled Pen.

A "How Bout That" Thought:
A person once told me that I needed to smile more. I said maybe I'm not happy when I'm around you. I wasn't offended when the person made their statement to me, but the person was offended when I made mine. (And I notice the person wasn't smiling either.) H.B.T