Lamentations of The Prodigal Son

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Inspired by: The Return of The Prodigal Son: Inspirational, and spiritual-based. The Lamentations of the prodigal son takes the reader with the prodigal son as he journeys into far countries. Written in poetry and prose, the prodigal son speaks to all the people at the feast about all the things he’d seen and learned on his journey. 

After all the people had eaten their portions, the prodigal son came unto them saying: "In my great transgressions, have I gained much wisdom. For many wise men and wise women did I fall upon that spoke unto me many parables and sayings. And upon this hour, has come unto me a great compelling spirit advising that I should give account of these many parables, and great sayings hereunto the people. 

For these saying shall be a guide for your today, and a forewarning to your tomorrow. "The parables speak on spirituality, Christianity, God, greed, and life. The parables also talk about being patient, envy, repentance, and relationships. The prodigal son speaks as well on faith, death, sin and being ambitious.

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