The Timid Adolescence

There was a timid adolescence, and all knew him to be, for many distressed him daily. And one day, a strong and fearless man that all knew him to be, said: “I shall force out the boy’s courage.” And for many days the strong and fearless man pursued the timid adolescence and thrust him to the ground saying:
 “As the loin is of its nature and defends its territory, you also must be of your nature. The same as the lioness is of its nature, who is with full courage in the conflict of the hunt. Even the small warbler sings beautiful songs yet, shall change its tenor to defy if provoked.”
And thereafter, many witnessed the sight of the timid adolescence swiftness to his stance, and laid hands upon the strong and fearless man. And with ease of the struggle, the adolescence lifted the strong and fearless man and broke his neck onto the land.
With continue thrashing and rage yelled the timid adolescence saying: “this is my true nature, and all my life I fear it; for it is without my control!” for my timidness is but a fragile resistance-barrier unto my true nature."
And it was said, the high court ruling was in the adolescence defense, and no one onward in those days or time thereafter pursued, nor looked the way of the timid adolescence. © 
Written by UnControlled Pen: ©