Hate and Love on Conquering

And Hate said unto Love: “It is well known of us, that you are the only conqueror of me. Yet, I’ve heard none speak that I am also the equal conqueror of you. 

Is it not so, that countless of your disciples and your cities have been put to ruins by me, and my disciples? And my people raise their hands in victory. Yet, I am known only of that which shall be conquered.” Moreover, isn’t it true that we are not so different; are not your power as my power, and use as I use? I am only reproach because my strike is first strike.”

And Love answered him saying: “Why think yourself as me, and your disciples as my disciples? Is it not so with my disciples every defeat of your disciples; the people raise their hands in victory giving glory unto God? 

And even in defeat by your disciples; it is a moral victory. For all the people before, is added with new people out of compassion? And all raise up more determined than before to rid themselves of you, and your disciples.

And as for first strike; what reason other than greed and power that you give strike at all.

And with full of his rage, Hate charged himself forward yelling, “For I am a better conqueror!” 

And they both continue to battle, and it is unbounded. ©