The Blacksmith and the Wealthy Widow

There was a blacksmith, handsome and strong in the city of Eupora. The women of the province sought him with gladness, and he took much delight in them.
Also, there, a wealthy widow who spoke of love day upon the days saying;  “No other soul my heart shall ever desire. Many come seeking my love the blacksmith, but all is vain. He only takes well comfort in them; but if he shall but once call unto me, shall he love forever.” 

And it came to pass, upon a night the blacksmith sought the comfort and delight of the widow; for she was indeed great in beauty. The morning thereof professed the widow unto the blacksmith of her love and their future.

And the blacksmith saying plainly:  “Speak to me of love, and future? Madame, there are many seekers great with beauty such as yours that seek of me only the moment, why have you come unto me seeking the lifetime?”  

Answered her saying:  “For in my imagining, our lifetime together shall be in the world remembrance. And many shall say, do you know the tale of the blacksmith, and of the widow? And they shall all say yea, yea.” 

With amusement spoke the blacksmith:  “Well is your imagining; yet it shall be only but an imagining.” With bitterness and full of tears departed the widow from the blacksmith.”

Within that month with a grand feast, the wealthy widow entertained all the women of the city of Eupora. All was merry from drinking and eating the fineness nourishments of the land.  The great orchestra played songs of grace, and the dancers danced was as elegant as the rose in the gentle wind.        

Later, upon the widows’ proposal, also came the blacksmith, and he was in great delight to see all the women of the city. For all were beautifully attired. Together, the blacksmith and the acquaintances danced, drank, and delighted themselves in the sounds of grace. 

There, standing on the staircase was the widow; and she was a great beauty, and all looked upon her with glee. As she downward paced, the blacksmith came upon to her saying,  “Madame, you are indeed a great beauty, and perfect in elegance.” 

Answered the widow saying:  “My dearest blacksmith, handsome and strong, have you reconsidered my imagining?” 
Spoke him saying: “My dearest Madame, I shall not.”

And thereafter, the sounds of grace over the grand feast went silent. For all at the feast with merry and dance became ill and felled away. 

The blacksmith, glanced upon the widows’ face as his knee plunge before her saying faintly: “Madame, dearest Madame, what have you done?”

Answered her saying:  “For in my imagining, our lifetime together shall be in the world remembrance. And many shall say, do you know the tale of the blacksmith and of the widow? And they all shall say yea, yea, it is a grand tale of love.”

The wealthy widow drank much wine embracing her love the blacksmith and felled away merry. ©
The Blacksmith and the Wealthy Widow: written by UnControlled Pen: ©

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