to the UnControlledpen.com universe where creation is created. We shall bring forth each vision given unto us whether small or large and render it into the world. 

So, what is UnControlled Pen? 
In short, we are free thinkers, therefore we create freely. Sometimes we make our own rules; Afterall, isn’t that how rules are made. Sometime our creativity takes us down a path not yet explored, because the path is that creator’s path alone. Academy writing and creations are great and has its place; however, for me, it can also bring forth a monolith of creators. calm down, (I still enjoy their work)

We're not supposed to be a monolith, but individual creators coming together to create a magnificent future in the present that shall come to fruition in our past. 

Not everyone will understand, be inspired by, or except the UnControlled Pen creations, and that’s okay. “For in the many years they have given their all, inspiring but one, and indeed their work was done”. For that one flicker burned into a beautiful uncontrolled flame - UnControlled Pen.

A "How Bout That" Thought:
A person once told me that I needed to smile more. I said maybe I'm not happy when I'm around you. I wasn't offended when the person made their statement to me, but the person was offended when I made mine. (And I notice the person wasn't smiling either.) H.B.T

The Love-Passion of the Man and Woman

There were a man and woman who courted for the period of the six months’ time before moving in together. And it was but the eight-month before the man said unto the woman: “I loathe your laughter, for it is piercing in pitch. And your affection and ever closeness has become unto me but a tiresome constant.” 

And about the tenth month came he again unto the woman saying: “Your presence unto me is too old-fashioned, your cooking is unsavory, and your tidiness is insufficient.” And the woman tried to please him unto his liking, for she indeed loved him. 

It was so, for a year and many months thereafter did the man protest and mumbled throughout unto the woman about all that she did, and even said that maybe they had grown apart.
One day, the woman came unto the man in her tears to say farewell, for she was going her way. And the man’s face was uncaring, and he did not protest. 

It was so, about six months’ time passed did the man seek, and did find the woman at a marketplace and said unto her:

“Forgive my raiment, and my forlorn countenance unto you, for I grieve day and night to be held again in your arms. I miss your laughter and your affection, and your ever closeness. I miss your old-fashioned elegance, and even your cooking. For I love you in full passion.”

And the woman, gently touching the man's face saying: “Go and be yourself well. For I cannot go your way. I have a new and honorable man, and his love-passion is unto me here, and now. 

Your love-passion only comes unto me the tomorrow, and when I am gone.” ©      

Written by UnControlled Pen ©

The Blacksmith and the Wealthy Widow

There was a blacksmith, handsome and strong in the city of Eupora. The women of the province sought him with gladness, and he took much delight in them.
Also, there, a wealthy widow who spoke of love day upon the days saying;  “No other soul my heart shall ever desire. Many come seeking my love the blacksmith, but all is vain. He only takes well comfort in them; but if he shall but once call unto me, shall he love forever.” 

And it came to pass, upon a night the blacksmith sought the comfort and delight of the widow; for she was indeed great in beauty. The morning thereof professed the widow unto the blacksmith of her love and their future.

And the blacksmith saying plainly:  “Speak to me of love, and future? Madame, there are many seekers great with beauty such as yours that seek of me only the moment, why have you come unto me seeking the lifetime?”  

Answered her saying:  “For in my imagining, our lifetime together shall be in the world remembrance. And many shall say, do you know the tale of the blacksmith, and of the widow? And they shall all say yea, yea.” 

With amusement spoke the blacksmith:  “Well is your imagining; yet it shall be only but an imagining.” With bitterness and full of tears departed the widow from the blacksmith.”

Within that month with a grand feast, the wealthy widow entertained all the women of the city of Eupora. All was merry from drinking and eating the fineness nourishments of the land.  The great orchestra played songs of grace, and the dancers danced was as elegant as the rose in the gentle wind.        

Later, upon the widows’ proposal, also came the blacksmith, and he was in great delight to see all the women of the city. For all were beautifully attired. Together, the blacksmith and the acquaintances danced, drank, and delighted themselves in the sounds of grace. 

There, standing on the staircase was the widow; and she was a great beauty, and all looked upon her with glee. As she downward paced, the blacksmith came upon to her saying,  “Madame, you are indeed a great beauty, and perfect in elegance.” 

Answered the widow saying:  “My dearest blacksmith, handsome and strong, have you reconsidered my imagining?” 
Spoke him saying: “My dearest Madame, I shall not.”

And thereafter, the sounds of grace over the grand feast went silent. For all at the feast with merry and dance became ill and felled away. 

The blacksmith, glanced upon the widows’ face as his knee plunge before her saying faintly: “Madame, dearest Madame, what have you done?”

Answered her saying:  “For in my imagining, our lifetime together shall be in the world remembrance. And many shall say, do you know the tale of the blacksmith and of the widow? And they all shall say yea, yea, it is a grand tale of love.”

The wealthy widow drank much wine embracing her love the blacksmith and felled away merry. ©
The Blacksmith and the Wealthy Widow: written by UnControlled Pen: ©

The Poetess and the Magnificent Speaker

Once, a woman magnificent in her speech, and a poetess whose verse and prose spoke every language sought one another. 

In company, the poetess wished to speak as beautiful as the magnificent speaker, the magnificent speaker wished to write perfect verse and prose that speak every language.

After much time in their togetherness, neither was able to acquire the others proficiency; and the poetess propose saying: “Allow me that I shall transcribe all thou speaker’s verse and prose, that thy trancing voice shall speak into the souls of the people.” 

“Aye, said the magnificent speaker and in this, shall we inspire all the world, and be known only unto them as the perfect beauty.” 

And it was so, they journeyed the world inspiring kings, princes, and princesses. The same in the temples of the monks, and all the people of the land. And of every nationality and of every creed; for God had placed upon their heart’s countless wisdom.

And it was so, about the third winter, the poetess spoke unto the speaker saying: “Thy kings, princes, and princesses, marvel with full gladness of thou spoken verse and prose. Yet, at what hour, or day, have you given tribute unto me of equal value?”

Answered the magnificent speaker saying, “Have not I been as equal unto thou poetess, as thou poetess has been unto me in this regard? For when have thou given tribute unto me? Is it falsely that I say that in the temples of the monks, and all the people of the land speak only of thou poetess written verse and prose, and thou poetess has not once given value unto me?”

Both were deepened with anger at the confessions; for both thought themselves more significant. With this reasoning and indignation in their hearts; they parted their way.
The poetess transcribes perfect verse that speak every language as before, and inspiring only those as before.
The woman, magnificent in her speech, spoke inspiring those also as before inspired. Neither delighted again in the company of kings, princes, and princesses; nor to enter again in the temples of the monks.
And God, looking down upon them saying: “My daughters, even with countless wisdom; blinded themselves with envy, and see not, that the two as one, is only of equal value.” ©

Written by UnControlled Pen