Rock Bottom

Where’s rock bottom?
Can’t wait to hit it
This journey trying to get there
Is like walking on pins and needles.

They say life throws you a curve ball
Well, hell, didn’t miss it
Didn’t have a bat to take a swing at it.

I’ve heard stories of the greats 
Of many who’d hit it
Heard it’s what’s needed to rise
Heard some geniuses even needed it.

This, an inspiring tale
Something to shoot for
Hope-given… Life worth living.

Still, I strive to hit it soon, quickly
For such an extended journey so stress-filled
Surely must be health-fatal, maybe—

Suicide-kill. ©

Written by UnControlled Pen

What We Do

Go ahead and shoot. 

No need to say, “My Brotha.”
No need to plea for life
So many fought to be free Slaves.
So many died for rights.

Who am I to ask for more time?
Why should I think of
You think of—
Who I shall leave behind?

You look like me.
I resemble you.
Go ahead and shoot.

Not surprised,
Should be surprised.
But this is just what we do.
Read by UnControlled Pen

The Two Strangers

Surely, he’s just a stranger to you.
A passerby with none words spoken.
Yet, with only the glance you gave,
Could see the stranger was broken.

You sympathize personally, 
But never pray for the stranger's recovery.
However, the stranger has prayed sincerely for you.
For with the glance he also gave,
could see you'd been broken too.

And although you were just a stranger as well,
You were surely someone he knew. ©
Written by UnControlled Pen