Lamentations of The Prodigal Son

Inspired by: The Return of The Prodigal Son: Inspirational, and spiritual-based.
The Lamentations of the prodigal son takes the reader with the prodigal son as he journeys into far countries. Written in poetry and prose, the prodigal son speaks to all the people at the feast about all the things he’d seen and learned on his journey.

After all the people had eaten their portions, the prodigal son came unto them saying:
“In my great transgressions, have I gained much wisdom. For many wise men and wise women did I fall upon that spoke unto me many parables and sayings. And upon this hour, has come unto me a great compelling spirit advising that I should give account of these many parables, and great sayings hereunto the people. For these saying shall be a guide for your today, and a forewarning to your tomorrow.”

The parables speak on spirituality, Christianity, God, greed, and life. The parables also talk about being patient, envy, repentance, and relationships. The prodigal son speaks as well on faith, death, sin and being ambitious.

Writers of Words Poetry

Captivating! Motivating! Storytelling at its best!

Writers of Words Poetry is an introduction to a wide range of poems. you will find poems about affliction, relationships, spirituality, and to be motivational. All will cause you to think and to be the judge and the jury. You will find the storytelling fun, intriguing, and always with a point, not obscure. Although the poems are titled by a selected topic, it doesn’t have that repetitive feel. Darrick hope is that you will be inspired by some, be taken away from your problems by others; and can relate to many.

Eureka Trivia 6.0

Eureka Trivia 6.0 is a great trivia book for all Eureka fans. With over 300 questions, this trivia book is designed so you can play single games, group games, or just read at your leisure. It was vital for us as fans to provide this book with only the best of questions so you can relive each moment. We have included answer sheets, cutouts, and all references to the questions. We want you to know exactly where we found them.

Whether you play on your own; play in group play, or just read through for your enjoyment, we hope you have a Eureka fun time!

Game Play:
• A Stand-Alone Read
• Single & Group Play
• Level Chart (which cast(s) level are you on?)
• Over 280 multiple choice questions
• Complete reference answers guide
• Answer sheets cutouts

• Earn an internship at Global Dynamics
• Gain access to Section 1-4
• Become an assistant to a top scientist
• Get your own lab at Global Dynamics
• Become Head of Global Dynamics
• Oh, and you could also get Redacted

Orphan Black Trivia

Get ready for one of the best thrill-ride trivia experience of your life. Based on BBC America’s Sci-Fi TV hit series Orphan Black, you’ll have an electrifying self-aware fun time! Whether you’re in Clone Club, Neolution, or Topside, there’s only one way to get to the bottom of all this: “Go back to the beginning.”

If you follow the crazy science in this book, you’ll find questions such as:

• Why didn’t Sarah know Beth was a cop before Art took her to the police department?
• Who is 324B21?
• What was the first name Sarah gave to Helena?
• Over 300 questions
• Multiple Choice
• Fill in the blank
• True or False
• Word Search Puzzles & Answers
• Answers and References
• You even get to relive full conversations between characters!