The man behind the curtain. Welcome to the UnControlled Pen universe. My name is D. Derrell. I call myself a poet, storyteller, writer, multi-genre author, and a creator, so you don’t have to. I’m cool like that.

Warning: On this site you will probably find something positive, poetry, storytelling, swag, and some free stuff. But wait, there’s more. You may also find something that will sadden you, make you mad, happy, think outside the box, and dare I say, maybe shed a tear. Hey, it can happen. Every day we strive to be better, so sometimes we update our updates. “How about that”

Oh! I’ve also written some books, maybe that’s why you’re here to see what all the fuss is about. If so, you can check them out here. Books: or maybe you’re just looking to grab some swag or some free stuff, no problem, I’ve got you covered.

What People are Saying

Eureka Trivia 6.0

This is a great book for fans of the show. –


As a true fan of the series, I really enjoyed this trivia book. Amazon Customer

Writers of Words Poetry

A wonderful collection of poems! I noted the storytelling and the visual uses of words linked together to bring lyrical sounds forth when reading these out loud.

Josie Cook M.A. 

Honestly, I find poetry to be a fun way to tell stories. Poetry has the ability to allow another heart to transfuse yours, and that’s what I have always loved about it.

Darrick have compiled a great collection of classic rhyming poems, poems about relationships, poems to get you motivated, which speaks to a whole vast of people.

Dejaan Lafleur 

Lamentations of The Prodigal Son

In Lamentations of The Prodigal Son, Williams offers an engaging collection of short inspirational stories that provide the reader with a lot of food for thought. I really enjoyed reading them. Several include unexpected endings and psychological plot twists typically associated with more modern tales yet are consistent with the biblical setting. Kimberlee J Benart for Readers’ Favorite

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