Another Day (Just Nedd)

This morning, my neighbors were arguing again.

On my way to work, I pulled over, and gave some money to this homeless man.

I made it to work, walked through the job’s doors, The janitor must have had a rough night, he’s still buffing the floors.

Normally by this time, he’ll be through; If I’m not mistaken, I think he has another job to go to.

My supervisor morning approach is always the same: “I need you to do this, do you think you can handle that?” I say no problem, then do my best.

This morning, things were going quite well, nothing out of the ordinary… all hell, here comes my supervisor Jeff, panicking, asking me if I could take on a little more work, I just kind-of-smiled, “Said okay, of course.”

I’ve been at it all morning, it’s 12:00 and I’m feeling a little hungry.

I walked to the restroom and started washing my hands. If you ask me, this hand dryer machine is a waste of time, I don’t know, maybe it’s just a bad design.

Feels like I’ve been drying my hands for an hour, and I still ended up grabbing some paper towels.

On lunch break, I'm in the lunchroom eating, A friend of mine is upset with management, even talking about quitting.

As I opened my coke, take a sip, still listening—

I noticed a fairly new guy complaining about how much work he’s been getting.

My lunch was good, had just enough, the beef was perfect, but the rice was overcooked.

My days' work is done, it’s time to hit the clock.

“Go down the hall.
Turn right, then an immediate left.
You can’t miss it; her office is right there.
Yes, I think she leaves around 5:00.
Just helping the fairly new guy,
He was looking for HR.”

Now, on my way to the exit, I see that my supervisor is coming.
I told him I’ll see him later.
He said, “Alright… I’ll see you in the morning.”

These guys busting through the door, trying not to be late, it’s a good thing I wasn’t any closer, they would have probably run me over.

On my drive home, the homeless man waved as I passed him by. Had to slam on my brakes… was just about to run a red light.

Pulling up in the garage, the door won’t close, I’m shaking this remote like I don’t know what’s happening, I’d known for a while it needed a new battery.


Now at my door, turned the knob. Wait!
Where’s my wallet? Whew! … Thank God.

In my bedroom
I turned the TV on, and then begin to take a shower, I heard that there’s a slight chance of rain tomorrow.

Breaking News…
“We have just received reports that two of the governor’s children were found dead after he and his wife arrived back home.

The babysitter has been taken into custody as the detectives question the governor, and his wife while they mourn.”

Out of the shower, getting ready to eat, it’s getting a little cool in here, so I turned up the heat.

Where did the time go?
Let me set this alarm, and go pack some No-Doz.

Alright, now,
Hope I can get some sleep.

Oh… wait,
I forgot to brush my teeth.
But first, let me go turn down this heat.

I said my prayer, just before I lay, and thought to myself.

This was just another day.