Chris Crystal

UnControlled Pen Supported Artists/Musicians

 Born in Kingston Jamaican

Gifted with music from the linage of his father, he realized at a tender age all he’s wanted to be is a singer. He was introduced by the program “Fruit loops” and the program “Adobe Audition” where He builds his own beats and records his own songs. Presently he is residing in the United States, where he is still involved in creating his own music. His vision is to share his music with the world and to learn more about the music industry. He’s always willing to work with anyone who can assist him in making his music style better. The style of music that Chris Crystal produces is Love and Reality. He loves to produce Reggae, Pop and Hip-hop. He is very much a people-person who loves to laugh, and he is all about contributing positively into the lives of others. He truly has something to share and express through his music and part of his journey in life is to impact the world with his music. Chris Crystal has the ability to see and feel music in every aspect of living and finds no greater way to express himself than through Creating Music. My email

MY Friend: Written and performed by Chris Crystal
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