Our Journey’s End

Gunshot, Gunshot, Gunshot, Gunshot, Sirens.
Breaking News: we’ve just received reports that there have been three dead bodies found in an old, abandoned barn. We’ll keep you updated on this tragedy event as the local authorities continue their investigation.

Man, I guess I should start at the beginning. 
We both grew up in homes, where love was nowhere around. We searched for it diligently, but it was nowhere to be found. It's hard growing up without love. You see, my father was an alcoholic, and her father, was sprung out on drugs. and when her mother wasn't around to take her father's abuse, he had to take it out on someone, cause the drugs told him to.

Each day, his addiction would become worse, delusional by the drugs, while screaming obscenities, and claiming his innocents to God. "Please father No"! "I hate you!" He would hit his daughter in the face and push her to the floor. Now, this inhumane act came from his heart, not from the drugs, because in the end he rendered no remorse.

Next door where I reside, the outside is peaceful and quiet, unlike the torment that's waits for me inside. When my mother was taken away from us by cancer, my father started to drink. He would see visions of her late at night and start to blame her death on me. We were both neighbors, living in harm's way, the more we tried to adapt to our situation, The more agony we had to take. 

I still remember that Sunday, when we stayed up all night just talking under the trees. I tried to comfort her, and she tried to comfort me. All we had was 
each other and the pain we held inside.  Now, I can't remember was it raining outside that night, or was it the tears that poured from our eyes. But I do remember us praying to God, to keep us safe from this evil that has pierced our hearts and stolen our smiles. 

The next day the school cafeteria was loud, but I can still hear her heart tremble inside, and as I walked closer, I can see the bruise her father left across her right eye. My heart begins to tremble As I pulled her aside, she begins to smile when I gave her a hug and said, he’d touched you for the last time.

On April 14th, our journey begins, two kids who found love in each other and found their smiles again. We never made it to school that day, I stole my father's car, $200, and we were on our way. we sang songs, laughed, while feeling alive and free. Destination unknown, but we were finally out of harm's way.

By nightfall, we found an old, abandoned barn, you know, a place where we can rest our heads. this was the place I asked her to marry me. the place she jumped in my arms and said, “I would die for you. and the world will surely remember this day”. Before I was able to respond, she put her finger over my lips, slid it down my chest, took it deep breath and said the answer is yes.

We fell asleep arms in arms, and face-to-face, and up until that point, we thought we was out of harm's way. I don't know exactly what time it was, when I heard this loud noise, coming from someone kicking down that barnyard door. 

I jumped up only to see her father standing in front of us with a gun in his waist. yelling, I told you what would happen, if you tried to escape! 

She screamed father” NOoooo!” as I felled to the ground holding my chest. "NOoooo!" As I glanced up, he felled to his knees, and she kept shooting yelling, “Now we are free”!

As her father was laying on his side dying, covered in blood, she continued clicking her empty gun while smiling at me saying, “I knew he would come”. At this point, I was consumed by pain, and my body was becoming numb, but that's when I looked at her puzzled, immediately after she picked up her father’s gun.

She came over and sat down next to me, grabbed my hand, and said that she loves me, and that we were always meant to be. Everything happened so fast, and I'm in a state of shock, not knowing what to say or to do, I mumbled, I love you too.

Then she put the gun to her head, with tears in her eyes she said: “One day in history they will say for you I died. (Gunshot!) There was a loud noise, then silence. 

My heart begins to skip beats, and my vision burry, as I lay here dying. I only pray that my life wasn't taken in vain, and that one day, I will see my love again. I squeezed my baby's hand, again and again, and with my last breath I yell, this is our journeys end!


Marcus Reeves
Age 16
Kosha Dawson
Age 16