Pisaya and Kiso the Traveler

Pisaya Arsineesa (The Woman of The Angels)
Kiso Utyletous (The Traveler)
In a small town in the north, dwelt a woman name Pisaya. Many in that town thought her too beautiful to behold. And even supposed she was of the angels; for she was without flaw in her appearance, and elegant and soft in speech. 

Pisaya, reason not of these things, but only to serve thou Lord. 
It was so, of her mornings, Pisaya aided the far in age and those with infirmities with nourishments and labor. Of evenings gathered her the children in the temple’s courtyard and delighted them with songs of grace. 

When the radiance was earliest upon the earth, prayed Pisaya in the period of the hour. And it was in full passion her thanksgiving unto the Lord, and in her asking for forgiveness for all that she lacked. 

It was so, on the sixth day of the second season, as Pisaya prayed; a vision fell upon her from heaven revealing the night that death shall give visit unto her. And on the seventh day of the third season, as Pisaya delighted the children with melodies in the courtyard, straightway before her did she observed a traveler taking rest onto a sycamore tree. 

Thereafter came her nearer to the traveler and offered nourishments unto him. And the traveler received nourishment of the basket and was most grateful.  Then spoke the traveler saying: “Have I before me that who is known as Pisaya, the woman of the angels.” 

Answered her saying: “Indeed, I am Pisaya, but of the angels, I am not, for never have mine eyes gaze upon heaven’s great walls adorned with precious stones, nor bathe I in the comfort of its enrapturing clouds. Apart from this… thou traveler knoweth of me and mine name; wilt thou traveler permit unto me likewise?” 

He answered her saying: “I am known to many as Kiso the traveler, and of the far north am I.” And Pisaya wished that he shall visit the night with her for full rest and nourishment. And he gathered his possessions going her way without caution, but with full measure. 

After much provisions and songs, Pisaya spoke saying: “Sir Kiso the traveler, wilt thou now reveal thy true purpose? Thou have known much of me, yet speak not once of mine beauty, or mine wisdom which has been customary. While this is not my pleasing, it is most commonly so, whether be it indwellers, or the far travelers; of me this has they asked. 

And also, to yourself, let it be known Sir Kiso; from heaven befallen unto me a vision of this night. For the seeker whose only purpose is to give rest shall give visit unto me. And in this, I grieveth not, but is in much delight that my rest is commission for God’s great plan.”

Answered him saying: “Your wisdom has not abandoned you in this hour. Lo, I am indeed that Kiso the traveler. For I travel far lands finalizing thy kings’ biddings. And thy king has heard over his kingdom of thee, Pisaya, the woman of the angels. For many speak thy name in his kingdom.

Thy kings’ thoughts give him fears that the people shall worship thee Pisaya, and her God, and rise against his kingdom. Yet presently my heart and duty are in great calamity, and I shall have you know this:

“I profess this truth unto thee this night concerning my many undertakings; for I have given strike countless upon first sight. Without reasoning unto myself have I finished thy kings bidding. Whether be it the age of the babe, or old, woman or man, the full in strength or feeble, without pause have I finalized my strike. 

Notwithstanding, upon this night, my heart grieves with reasoning unto thee Pisaya. For I deeply perceive thou are a grave and necessary balance to the north. The balance between despair and hope, peace, and war. For if thou shall be removed, the world’s total ruination shall be at hand. 

For I had two dreams, one in which all kingdoms shall fall contemporaneous. And the other in which all kingdoms were set embattle, but there was one standing in the midst of all kingdoms for she was the intercessor of peace. And I saw not her face revealed, but that she raised her right hand revealing the very mark that thou bare upon thy right hand. 

And said her of the mark thrice unto me: “Lo, it is unto me at birth.” For this intercessor of peace, is indeed your birthright. And so, for this reasoning shall I first store away my blade free of the strike. Thus, I wish upon thee Pisaya this, speak to me of your God, and your biddings unto him.” 

And it was so, Pisaya expressed well of God, prayer, and of peace, and Kiso the traveler was amused all the night. And before the earliest radiance was upon the earth, he departed the house of Pisaya with blessing upon him. 

Soon upon his return unto the king, spoke the king saying: “Kiso the traveler, have thou finalized thy kings’ bidding? Arise, and give thy account in this matter.”

And Kiso, taking his stance answered: “Wise and mighty king, who entrust upon me thy most urgent of bidding. Indeed, have I laid close eyes upon that who is Pisaya, moreover, in her dwelling have I eaten of her nourishments. Yet, with my blade eager to finalize thou kings’ bidding; my heart elected reverse judgment for the sake of thou king, and thy kingdom.

For I deeply perceive this of Pisaya: she is truly of the angels, yet she knoweth not, or matter it not. And if thou King shall bring forth his hand upon her head, his kingdom, and all the far north shall fall.” 

And the king, shaken upon his throne spoke murmuring saying: “How is this so? Kiso the traveler, who knows no moral on missions, laid no hand upon this woman Pisaya?  

Indeed, must she be of the angels, and is truly blessed by the one who is known as the Alpha and Omega.”