The Love-Passion of the Man and Woman

Image © UnControllled Pen LLC
 Tessica Pholona and Josh Garlens

There were a man and woman who courted for the period of the six months’ time before moving in together. 

And it was but the eight-month before the man said unto the woman: “I loathe your laughter, for it is piercing in pitch. And your affection and ever closeness has become unto me but a tiresome constant.” 

And about the tenth month came he again unto the woman saying: “Your presence unto me is too old-fashioned, your cooking is unsavory, and your tidiness is insufficient.” 

And the woman tried to please him unto his liking, for she indeed loved him. 

It was so, for a year and many months thereafter did the man protest and mumbled throughout unto the woman about all that she did, and even said that maybe they had grown apart.

One day, the woman came unto the man in her tears to say farewell, for she was going her way. And the man’s face was uncaring, and he did not protest. 

It was so, about six months' time passed did the man seek, and did find the woman at a marketplace and said unto her:

“Forgive my raiment, and my forlorn countenance unto you, for I grieve day and night to be held again in your arms. I miss your laughter and your affection, and your ever closeness. I miss your old-fashioned elegance, and even your cooking. For I love you in full passion.”

And the woman, gently touching the man's face saying: “Go and be yourself well. For I cannot go your way. I have a new and honorable man, and his love-passion is unto me here, and now. 

Your love-passion only comes unto me the tomorrow, and when I am gone.” ©